SQL Server and ReFS: Part 2 – FIO Benchmarking NTFS vs. ReFS

As I was sitting in Bob Ward’s Inside SQL Server I/O presentation, something interesting caught my eye on a slide that noted that ReFS is now supported for SQL Server 2014. I’d run into problems with 2012 so I’d just given up but this looks promising. I am neither a filesystem aficionado, nor a dilettante but I know that there are some interesting features of ReFS at which Windows server admins are looking to see if it’s viable.

Previously, I examined a couple of features that were potential blockers for 2014/ReFS adoption: DBCC CHECKDB and In-Memory OLTP support.

So with it established that these issues have been addressed and that SQL Server 2014 does support ReFS, should we consider it as a viable option? Let’s see from a FIO benchmark perspective.
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